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Orthodox Study Circle

St. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene Greek Orthodox Church

708 Hertford. Road,

Enfield, Middx.


Blessed are those who mourn…

October 9, 2009

Powerpoint presentation … full talk to follow

Blessed are they that mourn


Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

October 3, 2009

Thank you to everyone who came last night, it was a pleasant evening despite the autumnal chill in the air.

The theme was “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit”. The session was a very interactive one, so there is no written talk online. I’m afraid you won’t get the full flavour of the session, this time.  which was built around communication and discussion.

There is an adapted video of the edited Powerpoint, and the whole Powerpoint as .pdf (portable document file)  document, which might hint at what was said.

Leave a comment if there are any difficulties – or if you like it!

Download Poverty in Spirit Document

There was some homework this week too!

  • What can you do this week to have Poverty of Spirit? To put others first?
  • How can you start to see yourself as you truly are?

The Elder Paisios video we watched (along with the other  parts that we didn’t watch) is here

Science, Creation and Bones

October 3, 2009

During the pre-talk coffee we got into a discussion about Creation and Orthodox viewpoints, which we may well leave to another session with a guest speaker.

I refer you to this post by Fr. Gregory Hallam

Orthodoxy and Creationism

Part of the problem is an attack by atheists on the Watchmaker view of God and Creation. Although based on an old philosophical viewpoint, this has not been the way Orthodox Christians traditionally view God’s relationship with the Universe  (although the attached flash file is quite sweet).

God did not set the ball rolling and disappear; He actively sustains the Universe. This is explained by Fr. Stephen Freeman in his blog post here.

There was also a discussion afterwards about relics due to the fact that the relics of Therese of Lisieux have been brought to the UK.

I wrote about this on my test blog last week:

What’s the point of relics?


October 2, 2009

Holy Friday in Kibera

In two weeks time Lazarus Jalonen will be coming to talk to us about the Orthodox Church in Kenya and the St. George’s Empowerment Action Trust.

As you might know there is a terrible drought in Kenya at the moment and 10 million Kenyans face starvation.

We are also trying to help the members of the Orthodox Church in Kenya, especially two girls Wanjiru (Anne) and Mumbi (Lucy) who are working very hard at the Orthodox Teacher’s College, but are also are under great suffering and hardship. I believe they are learning social work as well. They will be a great asset to their community in the future. We are trying to raise money for their school fees which are about £200 a year. You can help by contacting Lazarus at the Trust or coming along on Friday 16th and showing your support.

Introduction to Beatitudes

September 22, 2009

Also available as Video talk now online (large MP4 download)

Soon available for in download in iTunes
or other podcast feeder

Please leave a comment below if you liked this.

It’s started…

September 19, 2009

Mount of the BeatitudesAre you stressed or blessed? New course on being ‘blessed’ looking at the Beatitudes… started last Friday and continues every Friday till Christmas.

Programme now on line

The Sanctification of Time

July 18, 2009

Good to see so many people for the last session despite the downpour! I’m looking for feedback and topic suggestions for next year.

Last night’s talks are available.

The Sanctification of Time (pdf with notes)

The Sanctification of Time (interactive Powerpoint)