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The Divine Liturgy

May 8, 2009

Tonight, Fr. Ephrem Lash treated us to a talk on the Divine Liturgy.

I don’t have an outline of the talk. However, we can read Fr. Ephrem’s commentary on the Liturgy on his website here.

Below I’m adding some resources for everybody so that we can much better understand something that is absolutely essential for our way of ‘being’  Orthodox Christians: The Divine Liturgy – The Eucharist.


This is designed for school students in the UK, but is also good for us. There  is a video of the prosphora bread and what the priest does and an interactive prosphora which you can roll your mouse over and learn what each part represents! See also Introduction to Worship in the Orthodox Church for a more detailed look!

Or how about a narrated slide show with the priest explaining what happens in his parish?

Text of the Liturgy

A note about the different liturgies: The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom is the one used throughout most of the year. The Liturgy of St. Basil is celebrated about 10 times a year, including the Sundays of Lent. During weekdays in Lent we have the Service of the Presanctified Gifts.

Various translations


Music for the Divine Liturgy

More fun Orthodox stuff from CLEO net


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