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Enter the Mystery

December 16, 2008

After Pascha we are starting a new course at St. Demetrios. It will be every Friday 7pm – 9pm (the timings are Greek) We hope it will be fairly informal and we will sometimes have invited speakers. The rough outline is as follows:



1.    Introduction: The Life in Christ and the Mysteries of the Church

2.    Holy Baptism and the Mystery of Chrismation

3.    The Divine Liturgy  (Introduction)

4.    Living the Liturgy

5.    The Mystery of Repentance (Confession and Forgiveness)

6.    Sickness: Unction

7.    Marriage

8.    Ordination

9.    Death Memorials  and other ‘mysteries’

10.    The Sanctification of Time: The Lifecycle of the Church

11.    The Sanctification of Space: The Church Building – objects

12.    Relationship with God: Prayer and Fasting – Living the Mystery

n.b. There will be no session during half-term i.e. Friday 29th May

Recommended Books

•    Bread and Water, Wine and Oil: An Orthodox Christian Experience of God by Archimandrite Meletios Webber, publisher Conciliar Press,

•    The Orthodox Way, by Bishop Kallistos Ware, publisher SVS.

•    The Orthodox Study Bible.

•    For the Life of the World by Fr. Alexander Schmemman, publisher SVS. •    The Life in Christ, St. Nicholas Cabasilas, publisher SVS.

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